Health Connect

As part of an app development class, I worked with two other designers, Ruolan Xia and Xingsuo Liu to create a mobile application for the University Health Services at Carnegie Mellon. The app is intended to help students better schedule appointments, and communicate with University Health Services doctors, nurses and other staff members. The project consisted not only of developing a new app, but also re-designing the service in which the app is a touchpoint.

Research Materials

Research, Understanding Context and People

Our research consisted of conducting interviews with students, as well as combing through data collected over the previous year by our advisor. This was done in order to better understand the pain points students face when scheduling appointments and communicating with staff members at University Health Services. We then created an experience map in order to detail the process of a student making an appointment and being treated at University Health Services. We identified our opportunities to improve the existing app, and set out to create iterations. 

What we found was that the existing version of HealthConnect is not user friendly. Students have no idea how long they will be waiting at UHS before being helped. The wait can be as long as 40-50 minutes. There is a lack of information about different services UHS has to offer and HealthConnect does not adequately let patients describe their health problems. 

Brainstorming App Features



User Testing

Concept Development

After identifying opportunities, we created two personas to consider when designing the app. We then brainstormed some features to include in the app and created a few scenarios as a way of communicating possible solutions to various pain points experienced by students. After identifying what features were needed in the app, we began iterating, and eventually conducted user testing. 


Final App Design

Our final design consists of a mobile application that not only makes it easier to schedule an appointment with a University Health Services staff member, but also allows for improved communication between students and staff members. We included a service blueprint and a value flow diagram that details the app being used by students and University Health Services.