Digital Servicing Navigation Redesign

One of my first projects as a designer at Capital One was redesigning the navigation for our retail partner's credit card servicing websites.

My responsibility throughout the project was working with product managers and engineers to design a better navigation system so that customers may better complete tasks such as paying off their balances, and viewing information including their most recent activity, payment history, as well as their rewards balance. 

Existing credit card servicing website before the redesign

Understanding Context

The need to redesign the existing credit card servicing website came about from research conducted by our experience design research team, as well as existing customer feedback. 

Customers had a hard time navigating the site because the existing navigation system, tabs, did not feel like tabs. In addition to the tabs not feeling like tabs, customers could not find their rewards balance, as well as their profile, settings, or the sign-out button. 

These insights were cataloged in a document created by the experience design research team. 

Wireframe Sketches

Peer Critique

Peer Critique

Concept Development

Based on customer insights, I began sketching new navigation schemas for the website. I also presented new concepts to other designers in a series of critiques and presentations in order to apply different perspectives to the redesign. 

From critique, I was able to create stronger concepts to present back to the engineering and product management teams. I receive feedback, and eventually created a finalized redesign. 


Final ReDesign

The final website navigation redesign was created as a result of collaboration from not only designers, but also engineers and product managers. 

The redesign included a user interface change in which the tab system was designed to feel more like tabs. The redesign also improves access to activities such as payments, as well as other site pages including profile, settings, and rewards.

The redesign matters because it creates a better customer experience for our retail partners customers, and saves Capital One money by reducing paper and phone based payments.