As part of Capital One's partnership with Cabela's, I worked with a team of product and technology partners to build a credit card application experience within the context of online shopping. This experience is designed for customers who want to pay for a current online transaction the instant they are approved for a Cabela's credit card. This instantly issued credit card allows a customer to earn and use rewards points with that same online transaction. 

Existing Experience Map

Existing Customer Experience

The existing credit card application is disconnected from the online shopping experience. The customer is brought to a separate page in order to complete the application. After submitting the application, the customer may receive an approval or a decline. Once given a decision, the customer is sent back to the Cabela's website page they left prior to completing the application.

Concept Storyboard


Redesigned Experience Map

Concept Development

Unlike the existing customer experience, the redesign would need added functionality that allowed an approved customer to set up a Capital One account to service their instantly issued credit card. The experience would also need to support situations where customers needed to provide additional information in the event of fraud, or a soft approval.

Redesigning the instant issuance experience required collaboration with technology partners to understand the systems needed to support new functionality. To make the experience less disconnected from the online shopping experience, we decided to make the application an overlay above the Cabela's website. This gives customers the sense that they have not left their shopping cart while completing the credit card application.

Final High-Fidelity Experience Map

Final Customer Experience

The redesigned customer experience allows a customer to return to where they left off in their shopping experience, while also being able to create a Capital One account to service their card. When an approved customer goes to checkout, their new credit card will be available to use for their purchase. This brings value to both Capital One and Cabela's by driving spend, and increasing the number of new accounts booked.