Build a Bot

This project was sponsored by PNC Bank as part of a course called Learner Experience Design. Working with fellow design students Vic Costikyan and Gabe Mitchell, we were tasked with designing a new user experience for a particular group of PNC customers. These customers are known as mass affluent customers.

Our work consisted of researching existing services available for mass affluent customers, as well as how mass affluent customers currently interact with PNC representatives and financial advisors. We investigated how mass affluent customers save their money for short term as well as long term goals. 

We eventually created an experience in which mass affluent customers interact with a chatbot. This chatbot, Build a Bot, would serve as a primary point of contact for mass affluent customers, and help PNC representatives and financial advisors provide a better customer experience. Our hope is that Build a Bot would help mass affluent customers when it comes to saving for short term as well as long term goals. 

Concept map with insights and pain points of mass affluent customers

Concept map with different learning theories

6 Facets of Understanding by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe

Journey Map

Understanding People and Context

We began the process by mapping insights based on research conducted with mass affluent customers. These insights were provided to us thanks to PNC.  

As part of the course, we needed to consider how different learning theories may be applicable to the problem space. We created a concept map including various learning theories and how applicable they are to the pain points and goals of mass affluent customers.

From this concept map, we chose a particular learning theory in which we felt would help us construct a meaningful experience for mass affluent customers. The learning theory we chose was the 6 Facets of Understanding by Grand Wiggins and Jay McTighe. 

Finally we created a journey map that included not only the 6 facets, but also principles we wanted to design our concept around. 

Storyboard detailing a timeline concept

Storyboard detailing a tagging transactions concept

 Affinity diagram with PNC and peer feedback

Affinity diagram with PNC and peer feedback

ChatBot concept storyboard

Detailing the on-boarding experience


Concept Development

Concept Development

Concept development included creating personas, storyboards, and receiving feedback from PNC and our peers in the course. We entertained ideas such as utilizing a timeline, as well as tagging transactions. However, these ideas felt impersonal, and would not resonate with customers. 

We then chose to explore the possibility of incorporating a chatbot within our concept. We realized this would not only create a meaningful interaction with customers, but would also provide an opportunity to include PNC representatives and financial advisors within the customer experience. 

Due to the time constraints of the project, we were only able to focus and build out the on-boarding part of the experience. 

Final Concept

Our final concept is Build a Bot, a financial advising tool that is personalized and customizable to each mass affluent customer's needs. The bot is designed to help customers identify their short term and long term savings goals. Build a Bot is also designed for couples who wish to focus on their joint finances.