App of All Trades

App of All Trades is a mobile application designed to help service providers, such as contractors, attract new clients, organize their schedules, and showcase their previous projects. I designed this app as an exercise in rapid concept development. 

Interview Notes

Affinity Diagram

Journey Map

Understanding People and Context

I began the process by conducting an in-person interview with a Pittsburgh based contractor. The contractor highlighted the fact that there are many existing tools and mobile applications designed for home owners and other clients, yet there are very few tools designed for contractors and other service providers. He mentioned how many independent contractors struggle to stay organized, as well as attract new clients. This presented an opportunity to design a tool that could assist contractors organize their schedules and attract new clients. 

From my interview findings, I created an affinity diagram to help synthesize my research. I organized the affinity diagram by categorizing the findings based on the pain points service providers currently face when working with clients. The affinity diagram helped identify features the mobile application needed in order to improve the existing user experience for service providers. 

I also created a journey map that highlights the key points of interaction between home owners and service providers. The journey map illustrates the bigger picture within the problem space, and identifies areas in which the mobile application can improve the experience service providers have when working with home owners and other clients.  

Mood Board

App Flow Chart


Concept Development

I began concept development by creating a persona. The persona, a contractor, would be the primary user of the mobile application. I also created a storyboard detailing pain points of the service provider, as well as the user experience of a service provider using the mobile application.

After drawing the storyboard, I began designing the mobile application. Before creating the wireframes, I needed to consider the visual aesthetic of the app. I wanted to create an aesthetic that gave the mobile application a professional, contemporary look and feel. I built the mood board as a way of identifying the overall aesthetic, and communicating the visual qualities of the mobile application to others. 

Once I identified the overall aesthetic of the mobile application, I created a flow chart mapping the different screens I needed to design.

After drawing the flow chart, I selected screens to design. Drawing pen and paper wireframes allows me to explore a variety of ideas within a short period of time. I can create a variety of iterations before selecting a final concept.

Final Concept

My final concept is App of All Trades, a mobile application designed to help service providers organize their schedules, communicate with clients, and showcase their previous projects.