American Eagle Outfitters

This project was sponsored by the Pittsburgh based clothing company, American Eagle Outfitters. Working with fellow design student Lea Cody, we were tasked with re-designing the in-store experience of sales associates and managers at American Eagle. Our work consisted of researching the context of a particular American Eagle store, as well as the roles of sales associates and managers working at that American Eagle location.

We eventually created a centralized app that utilizes the existing functionality and features of the mobile devices. Our hope is that the app will improve the lives of associates and managers at American Eagle by increasing their efficiency while working in the store, saving time and eventually saving American Eagle money. 

Experience Map

Experience Map with Associate Thoughts and Feelings

Research, Understanding Context and People

Our research consisted of understanding the goals and pain points of sales associates and managers while working in the store. We explored areas including the layout of the store, the relationship customers have with American Eagle as well as what tools sales associates and managers were missing in order to complete their daily tasks.

We eventually chose to explore the role mobile devices play within the store. We created a service ecology map, an experience map and even a concept map in order to detail the complexity of the problem space. All our research was collected through store visits and interviews with sales associates and managers.


In-Store User Testing

Concept Development

After conducting extensive research, we discovered that the mobile devices could be better utilized within American Eagle stores. Because of confidentiality, we are not able to explain in detail the current state of mobile devices used by American Eagle.

Nonetheless, the product we developed was an attempt to reduce complexity, create a centralized tool that utilizes new and existing functionality of mobile devices and encourage sales associates and managers to use the mobile devices within the stores. We created a series of personas, a flow chart as well as wireframes of our app. We even conducted user testing in the store.

Final App Design

After conducting interviews, store visits, iterations and user testing, we created a final version of our app. This centralized app is intended to increase efficiency of the sales associates and managers within the store, save time and ultimately save money for American Eagle.